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Step Up to Quality Every Day in a Musical Way

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The Songs
* Promote Language and Literacy Development
* Address the Common Core Standards plus one or more of the following
Five Essential Domains of
School Readiness
1. Social and Emotional Development
2. Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
3. Approaches Towards Learning
4. Language and Literacy Development
5. Cognition and General Knowledge

According to the United States  Education Department, Music is a part of the Core Curriculum of academic subjects. As a result, it remains a powerful tool for teaching.

The CD is loaded with:

  • Kindergarten Readiness Songs of different musical styles, beats and tempos that focus on Language and Literacy Development and General Knowledge
  • Music that encourages Physical Well-Being and Motor Development and Approaches Towards Learning.      I Know All My Name, 911
  • Introductions to Physical Science concepts like Colors in Nature These Bones Under My Skin and Body Parts
  • Social and Emotional concepts, All My Friends Are Different, Look A Special Mirror

Keith M. Jackson, B.A., M.S., Creative Director for Arm Your Child With Musictm company, is a professional musician, composer, educator, entertainer, and published author. A native of Ohio, Keith has performed his musical programs throughout the United States and abroad for over 25 years. They include Arm Your Child with Music workshops, jazz and gospel concerts, plus other popular music forms. He has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in vocal music, Masters of Science degree in Education Administration and a current prek-12 Principal’s license for the state of Ohio. He continues to teach music and technology, serves as minister of music and a community mentor.
He is listed on the Ohio Professional Development Network (ODPN)  as a Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) trainer for his workshop, Exploring Music With Young Children and CDA prep courses 1 -9, plus Ohio Approved  Family Engagement, and Leadership Module.

As a professional musician and educator, I enjoy teaching Early Childhood educators how to have fun in the classroom and infuse music across the curriculum to address Common Core Standards and Enhance Character Development.

The Arm Your Child With Music program offers a wide range of services which promote school readiness skills, multicultural awareness and recognizing signs of child and family abuse.  YouTube videos of songs

As part of this comprehensive program, performances in school settings include teaching music, giving children and family concerts, as well as mentoring and consulting to address the target skills.

Step Up To Quality ODJFS Approved trainings:

1. Arm Your Child With Music
Exploring Music With Young Children
* Also  as part of “Starting Point Trainers Group” I provide the following the following trainings:
6. Creating Quality Classrooms:- Taking the Standards Outdoors (Parts 1 & 2), Math Milestones; Science Milestones; English Language Arts Milestones; Social Studies Milestones.
Arm Your Child With Music concert clip

Third Grade Reading Guarantee
Video created to help teachers learn how to use online interactive resources to help students improve their reading and comprehension


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